Networks, guidance & support

The ecoBiz program from Business Chamber Queensland helps small to medium businesses improve their eco-efficiency.
Local economic opportunities network (LEO network) assists regional councils and communities with decarbonisation and the economic opportunities associated with a decarbonised economy
Climate Change Risk Management Tool for Small Businesses in Queensland - contains information on climate change (what, where and how much), is simple and quick to use, and also provides links to other resources that can be accessed and used as required
Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) – supporting the global transition to net zero by accelerating the pace of pre-commercial innovation
Transition to Net Zero – resources from the Australian Trade and Investment Commission
Energy.gov.au/business  – advice and info on energy efficiency
Energy in your business  – energy options and opportunities for your business
Energy Efficiency Council – advice and info on energy efficiency
Energy Rating and Water Rating – assess energy/water efficiency of products or equipment you make, sell or purchase
Clean Energy Council – promoting renewable & low carbon energy
Clean Energy Regulator – administers schemes legislated by the Australian Government for measuring, managing, reducing or offsetting Australia's carbon emissions
Australian Water Association – water efficiency & management
Science-Based Targets – framework to plan carbon reduction
Climate Active – carbon neutral certification scheme for Australian businesses
Emissions Reduction Fund – Australian Government incentives to cut carbon
greenpower.gov.au – the GreenPower label makes it easy to recognise and purchase renewable electricity that meets stringent environmental standards
Government Grants & Programs – grants for environmental sustainability