Geofabrics Australasia

Solving environmental & infrastructure challenges using geosynthetics

Geofabrics Australasia, based at Ormeau on the Gold Coast and also Albury in NSW, is Australasia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of geosynthetics for the building and infrastructure sectors, with core capabilities across the segments of roads, rail, tunnels, ports & airports, waste, mining & resources, defence, coastal, water, waste & containment, slopes & walls and sports & recreation. 

According to the International Geosynthetic Institute, every year humankind generates more than 10 billion tonnes of waste from construction and demolition, much of which ends up in landfill. Geofabrics helps their clients mitigate environmental risk through world-leading research and innovative product development. They work to protect, contain and secure the physical environment using smart geosynthetic products. Geofabrics also embeds sustainability practices throughout their operations:

Use of recycled materials

  • Supporting the circular economy by providing a use for recycled material in geosynthetic products (e.g. Bidim Green)
  • Technology and software programs such as IFS to track the number of recycled bottles
  • Proud member of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC)

Reducing energy intensive material use

  • Reducing energy use and carbon emissions with lighter and less energy intensive materials in geosynthetics, compared to traditional construction materials
  • Reducing the need to transport and use high quantities of quarried materials and aggregates to achieve the same result

Product packaging

  • Ensuring excessive packaging is avoided or reduced to optimise material efficiency
  • Goal is to achieve 100% recycled packagingand 50% recyclable packaging for locally-made products
  • Signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant and reporting annually

Energy saving

  • Implementing changes to reduce their energy impact with solar systems and LED lighting
  • Improving energy efficiency of production
  • Reducing production waste

Containing contaminants

  • Containing and sealing PFAS & contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) using Sorbseal to protect surrounding environment and waterways

Erosion & revegetation

  • Preventing erosion to coastal shorelines by extreme weather events
  • Working with coastal communities and developing countries
  • Won the AusTrade Australian Export Award in 2018 for the positive environmental impact their Australian-made Elcorock coastal protection system had in Tuvalu and New Zealand

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