Advanced Manufacturing

Technologies delivering value

Here are some examples of how advanced technologies are being applied in the Advanced Manufacturing  sector…

Wireless sensors, smart meters, online databases and Internet of Things (IoT)

Monitoring systems/processes and shutting down idle machines ➔ Improving water/energy efficiency and maximising resource and equipment usage

Controlling temperature in factories ➔ Supporting staff comfort, reducing energy use

Digitally tracking hazardous waste ➔ Reducing waste and environmental impacts

Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and image recognition
Nanotechnology and materials science
Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR)
3D and laser printing
Blockchain technology

Advanced Manufacturing industry examples

Below are a few examples of how organisations in this sector are using sustainability strategies and technologies.

Elexon worker operating hi-tech equipment

Elexon Electronics

Acoustic sensor technologies for wildlife research

  • Elexon develop sensor technologies that help conserve native fauna
  • High precision intelligent manufacturing facility improves quality and reduces waste
  • Moving to ISO14001 Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Based in Moreton Bay
Construction worker holding smart phone

Fairphone & Teqcycle

Partnership to recycle and remanufacture phones

  • Collaboration between Fairphone (who manufacture phones) and Teqcycle (who recycle them) to make the supply chain more resilient and ethical
  • Products are modular, designed for long use, repair and remanufacture
  • Online system for phone returns
  • The organisations don’t use minerals from conflict zones
  • Recycling saves energy/materials and repairing phones creates jobs
  • Based in Europe (Netherlands)
Scientist looking through microscope


Nanowire technology for efficient, sustainable electronics

  • AlignedBio produce nanowire sensors and biotechnologies that can radically improve electronic devices and DNA sequencing for healthcare
  • Developed an innovative nanotech method that increases accuracy and saves energy and materials
  • Based in Europe (Sweden)
Mining trucks

Caterpillar & Cat Reman

Remanufacturing & recycling to save resources and add value

  • Caterpillar manufacture heavy vehicles. Machines are designed for disassembly, so they can later be re-manufactured and re-sold via Cat Reman
  • Core parts are re-sold after re-manufacture to strict standards, or rebuilt with ‘as new’ warranty and discount
  • A central management system manages returns globally, with two-way logistics/transport capabilities
  • Customers are offered regular check-ups and digital performance remote monitoring to identify issues proactively
  • Whole of lifecycle approach – Six Sigma process control, lean manufacturing, enterprise-wide process for orders, delivery and returns
  • Caterpillar recycles over 68 million kg of end-of-life iron annually, saving money, resources and carbon emissions
  • Cat Reman are researching robotics to automate the re-manufacture process
    Based in USA