Taiwan overview

Taiwan has rolled out policies to promote smart agriculture and precision farming. Initiatives include subsidies for farmers who are willing to adopt or develop smart agricultural technology, products, or services. Water efficiency, water treatment and reuse and water storage devices may be a major demand area as the country has been going through drought with associated water shortages which include affecting the semiconductor industry.

There is also a demand for renewable technology in line with net zero emissions targets. Below are a couple of examples of voluntary eco-labels.

Certification & labelling types

Green Mark

Taiwan Green Mark

Green Mark is a voluntary label administered by the Environmental Projection, Executive Yuan R.O.C (Taiwan). It indicates recyclable, low-polluting, and resource-saving products. The certification of Green Mark is designed on the basis of ISO 14024 eco-friendly principles. The Green mark is awarded to products in the top 20-30% of its category. The type 2 Green mark variation is awarded to uncategorised products that comply with the standards.

More info: Greenliving Information Platform - The Green Mark

E-procurement system