Current & emerging technologies

Sensors, telemetry, GPS

Detect, measure and track aspects like equipment location, air/room temperature, process speed, moisture levels, movement, light, etc

Robotics and biomechanics

Automate routine or dangerous tasks, improve precision, and support or enrich human activities

3D and laser printing

Print materials, prototypes or products on demand, to reduce waste, time and storage space

Cloud computing, digital data and online databases or networks

Store data online, enable virtual networks, create digital services, share knowledge

Biotechnology and genomics

Develop advanced materials, healthcare solutions and innovative processes for agriculture, food and other industries

Virtual/Augmented reality

Enhance real-world experiences or introduce new ones, reducing need to travel for training, meetings or other purposes

Process modelling software

Simulate business, manufacturing or natural processes to identify inefficiencies and prototype potential solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, image recognition

Recognize patterns in data, interpret them and improve processes, products and services

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connect devices to the internet, communicate data (such as product usage status, supply levels, location) and use this to streamline processes or improve and customize services

Blockchain technology

Introduce secure systems for trading, sharing info or exchanging digital assets


Produce new materials, structures, systems or devices at a very small (‘nano’) scale, to improve eco-efficiency and develop innovative products/systems

Solar power, micro grids and smart monitoring systems

Use and distribute renewable energy and balance load to suit business usage/processes

Drones, satellites, 5G

Capture imagery and gather/communicate data to monitor conditions, manage systems/processes or provide new services

Social media, chat bots, voice assistants, online processes

Engage customers, reduce physical presence, improve responsiveness and service

For examples of how some of these technologies are being applied, see advanced tech in industry.