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The Hong Kong Government’s Environmental Protection Department (EPD) is responsible for managing environmental issues. The government has tackling environmental issues like waste management – food waste, waste treatment, air pollution, and water pollution. There is also demand for clinical waste solutions following Covid-19.

As part of the effort to introduce the Waste Producer Responsibility Scheme (WPRS), the Hong Kong Government has developed a WEEE treatment and recycling facility, or WEEE·PARK, to provide local treatment capacity. A seller of regulated electrical equipment (REE) must have a removal service plan endorsed by the EPD, to ensure proper disposal and recycling of REE waste.

Recently the Hong Kong Government has proposed to allocate US$38 million each year to implement a scheme to recycle waste paper, including processes like wastepaper collection and recycling services. Below are examples of voluntary and compulsory eco labels in Hong Kong.

Certification & labelling types

Eco-Product Directory

Eco-Product Directory

Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) has an eco-product directory that is available to members. There are 140 institutional members and 3,700 associated members. To qualify for inclusion, materials and products need to be certified.  It accepts certificated products from around the world. It is an essential database for government and private industry procurement.

More info: Eco-Product Directory

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