Action checklists

Action checklist: Build value through sustainability

Research, develop or apply low carbon processes and technologies
Improve eco-efficiency and use renewable energy sources
Design products and assets for a long life, and look at options for re-manufacture, reuse, repair and recycling
Avoid use of toxic substances or non-renewable resources
Source materials and suppliers ethically and sustainably through sustainable procurement policies
Embed lifecycle considerations from the outset when planning new products, services or business strategies
Monitor impact and report progress via environmental tracking and reporting
Understand policies and regulations relevant to your business, industry sector and trading locations
Achieve appropriate green credentials and standards to prove and improve business sustainability

The value you build through such approaches will be evident in sustainable products and services that:

  • Use fewer resources, produce less waste, are efficient to produce
  • Support the local economy and meet the needs of society.

Action checklist: Improve eco-efficiency

Audit energy/resource usage; use smart meters/controls
Use/improve building management systems
Review efficiency of heating/cooling, ventilation, pumps, plumbing, refrigeration, lighting
Introduce new procedures, train staff and optimise supply chain transport/communication processes
Research emerging technologies to facilitate product and service innovation
Implement waste reduction and recycling initiatives

Action checklist: Reduce carbon

Use low-emission energy sources (wind, solar, thermal, etc)
Source low carbon materials (such as metals/cement made with low carbon processes, recycled plastics/composites, organics)
Invest in low carbon transport (electric vehicles, alternative fuels, and localised supply chains)
Implement carbon capture/storage systems, revegetate land and enrich soil carbon
Develop new business practices designed to improve productivity and reduce carbon emissions