Why sustainability matters

Sustainability adds value to business

Businesses are moving to being more eco-efficient and sustainable. Why? Because they want to...

Meet consumer demand for sustainable products and services
Increase customer/staff loyalty by following ethical business practices
Be competitive in supply chains (sustainability criteria is increasingly impacting decisions)
Reduce risk of future carbon pricing liability
Streamline business practices and use resources efficiently, to reduce operating costs
Sustainable economic growth with renewable energy and natural resource

Sustainable business is not an end in itself. Business is ultimately a social and economic function. So businesses and their communities need to keep asking themselves what they need to do to achieve a future that is aspirational, equitable, safe, prosperous and sustainable.

Why sustainability matters for the Gold Coast

Solar Bollard Lighting Moreton BaySupporting the growth of efficient and sustainable business is consistent with broader economic development goals for the City of Gold Coast. Increasing the number of innovative and climate conscious businesses on the Gold Coast will promote the City as a business destination committed to sustainability and will encourage inward investment into the region.

Of course, these priorities reflect the general direction being taken locally and globally via industry groups, corporations, small businesses, not-for-profit enterprises and the United Nations. The advent of the seventeen internationally accepted UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adds a well-researched and compelling momentum to the delivery of sustainable business strategies.

The best businesses within the best communities within the best regions are those that have a great sense of inter-dependence – where there is a communitarian instinct, a propensity for sharing for the common good and a capacity for innovation at the group or local level.

All this supports the likelihood of sustainable businesses happening and thriving, because there is awareness of the flow-on effects with every commercial transaction. Now is your chance to take advantage of national, state and regional initiatives to embed sustainability into your business.