Weltrade Packaging

Australian leader in sustainable packaging for the cosmetic & pharmaceutical industries

Weltrade Packaging is a leading manufacturer of cosmetic and wellness plastic packaging that is dedicated to sustainability and meeting the national packaging targets set by the Australian Government and the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) for plastic. Weltrade Packaging is committed to providing innovative, high-quality plastic packaging solutions to hair, skin, beauty and pharmaceutical product manufacturers and brands.

In 2018, APCO and the Australian Government established a series of targets for sustainable packaging that must be achieved from 2023 leading up to 2025. The end goal is to shift our economy and community away from single-use and disposable plastic packaging to more durable reusable and recyclable packaging. The targets are:

  • All compostable packaging must be non-fragmentable by 2022
  • 80% of supermarket products to display the new Australasian Recycling Label by end of 2023
  • Packaging must be 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025
  • Recycling plants have a target that 70% of plastic packaging must be recycled by 2025
  • New plastic packaging must have at least 30% recycled content by 2025

Weltrade Packaging's sustainable and recyclable options include:

Landfill biodegradable packaging

Weltrade Packaging's landfill biodegradable packaging will biodegrade in 6 to 10 years, leaving no microplastics. Microorganisms consume the plastic, leaving only soil and gas. The landfill biodegradable packaging is available in PET, HDPE, LDPE and PP, which can implemented into bottles, jars, tubes and more.

The landfill biodegradable packaging will not discolour the base material, not does it taint or alter the chemical stability and functionality of the packaging. It is also FDA approved and completely food safe. 

Recycled plastic

Weltrade Packaging supplies cosmetic grade packaging made from up to 100% recycled plastic. These recycled bottles, jar and tubes can be made with PET, HDPE and LDPE plastics and are available in hundreds of different shapes, colours and sizes.

Sugarcane bioplastic

Sugarcane-based bioplastics are a great sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging solution. They reduce the reliance on fossil fuels such as oil for the production of plastic packaging, by using renewable resources. Weltrade Packaging can supply any of their tubes from bioplastic derived from sugarcane. It is durable, protective and 100% recyclable.

Ocean waste plastic

Ocean Waste Plastic tubes are a sustainable, environmentally-friendly packaging solution. Weltrade Packaging primarily uses fishnets, trawls and ropes that have been used in waterways world-wide and would have previously ended up in the ocean or in landfill. They transform the used waste into a high-grade and virgin-like Green Plastic rHDPE material. 

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