The shift to clean, green tech

Clean, green tech for a carbon neutral economy

There is an increasing need for organisations to develop and use technologies that are eco-efficient, low carbon and renewable. Such technologies allow businesses to reduce their environmental impact while operating their business and providing goods and services.

When applied in context of sustainability strategies, advanced technologies can radically reduce carbon emissions – a key factor in combatting climate change.

National and state strategies and policies reflect this move to a carbon neutral economy, with more use of renewable energy and much a higher percentage of waste recovered from industry. For example, the Australian Government target is net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Alongside this, the Queensland Government has interim targets for renewable energy (50% renewables by 2030) and aims for 75% recycling of all waste types by 2050.

Advanced technologies can help organisations use fewer materials, reduce or eliminate waste, cut energy costs, streamline business processes and improve products or services. As a result, clean, green tech can add real value to a business.

Clean, green technologies for a low carbon future

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