What are renewable technologies?

Renewable technologies are low carbon AND eco-efficient. They use clean energy, optimise resources, minimise waste, and add value to a business.

Battery energy storage in a home garage

How can you use them?

Businesses use advanced renewable technologies to do things likeā€¦

Monitoring and automating processes (using tech like drones, sensors, robotics, smart meters)
Improving efficiency and service (with 3D printing on-demand, process modelling, AI tools, etc)
Distributing/storing clean energy (via microgrids, inverters, thermal systems, batteries)
Reducing transport emissions (using electric vehicles, online trading, virtual meetings)
Tracking assets/waste (with QR codes, digital product passports, sensor networks, and so on)
Creating innovative products, services or raw materials (such as cloud-based services, products made from waste, nanotechnology, recycled green tech components, clean tech support services)
Managing eco-efficiency of their supply chain (via online tools/networks, blockchain systems, etc)

Business benefits of renewables

Renewables are important to your business because they can:

Increase business productivity and value
Encourage greater innovation
Increase competitiveness locally and globally
Enhance reputation in the industry/region
Allow you to take advantage of grants and other incentives to develop or use renewable technologies
Reduce the environmental impact of your business and support national low carbon targets