Low carbon

What is a low carbon business?

A low carbon business minimises greenhouse gas emissions to reduce its impact on climate change. A net zero or carbon neutral business balances carbon emissions put into the atmosphere with those taken out.

Net zero target and carbon neutral. Green business concept.

Advanced technologies, applied in context of appropriate business strategies, can help to reduce or eliminate carbon from different areas of business operations.

Business benefits of low carbon

If your business reduces its carbon footprint, you will see benefits such as:

Increased productivity via improved processes and materials, and supply chain efficiencies
Greater innovation and competitiveness through new products and services, and cost savings
Improved corporate social responsibility by minimising the organisation’s impact on the local community and environment
Access to funding, tenders and markets requiring low carbon partners/suppliers, which are increasingly expected by governments, corporations and customers

How your business can cut carbon

For guidance on how to improve the eco-efficiency of your business, see Action Checklist: Reduce carbon.